Drive Medical 790 Steerable Knee Walker Review

I’ve got this product delivered pretty fast and I really loved this product. Well, I had an ankle surgery a couple of weeks ago. My doctor told me that I shouldn’t bear any weight at all, at least for 3 – 4 months. I was really worried about maintaining my daily activities. Unfortunately, the traditional knee walkers didn’t work for me.special-priceknee-walker-review
I’ve realized that I need something more than a traditional knee walker. I’ve looked all over the internet for some reliable steerable walkers, luckily, I’ve found this product. I don’t usually buy anything online, but after I’ve compared the prices of the same product offered by the local store and, I’ve decided to buy it over here.

After I’ve bought this product, a bunch of friends called me and asked where I got this for a surprisingly low price. However, I’ve tried to buy a knee walker that doesn’t steer, but I had a horrible experience with it, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Instead, a product like this which is steerable is way better. I did most of my daily activities easily with this knee walker, I would be homebound if I didn’t have a knee walker like this.

Well, this knee walker is probably one of the best knee walkers ever released. It didn’t even tilt or tip a little, it was really stable and did its job very well. These are some of the tips and things you should keep in mind while using this knee walker.

  • Well, this knee walker doesn’t need huge efforts to roll on a flat floor. However, you must be very careful while rolling on an uneven surface. I would recommend everyone to hold tight to the supporting bars and it is better to put your good foot on the floor all the time. You need to be very careful while using the knee walker on a surface with scattered pebbles as the pebbles can throw the front wheels.
  • Make sure that the knee walker is locked while mounting or dismounting it. The knee walker can throw you down if you try to dismount without locking it properly. However, the knee walker is very stable if it is locked properly before dismounting or mounting it.
  • Don’t hang or don’t wear the clothes that can dangle down as they could get caught in the wheels and make you fall out of the knee walker.
  • Spend some bucks and get a good pair of bicycling gloves. You might not guess about this, but yes, you will be shocked to see how sore your palms get after supporting your upper body.
  • Always lock the knee walker when you’re not moving anywhere and be very careful on the handicap small ramps or the elevated sidewalks. Most of the times, the front wheels of the knee walker get stuck at the place where the floor and the ramp meet, you need to very careful while pushing it forward.

I hope you’ll have a better experience than me after reading my tips. Overall, this product is very good and worth the money. Have a good day! :)


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