Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket, Black (ROS-KSB) Review

Hello there! Looking for a knee scooter that’s both affordable and comfortable? Well, I started writing this review to help out people like me, because when I was looking for a knee scooter for myself, I couldn’t really find any good review over these kind of products, which left me confused and wonder what to buy. I called up one of my friend who had met with an accident a couple months ago and had used a knee scooter, he recommended me to get the Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket (ROS-KSB).

knee-walker-blackI do have to admit that it didn’t really look anything special to me, but I thought I should do my research ‘cause I’m spending like a 200 bucks on this thing, it only took me a few hours to realise this is the choice I had. There were better products, but they are way too pricey for their quality.

Okay, let’s back to the review now! First off, the delivery was very quick, just as I had expected from Amazon. The knee scooter weighed about 30 pounds after installing everything, and it was really easy for me to lift it. Many people believe that knee scooters aren’t safe, but in fact, knee scooters are actually safer than crutches.

The wheels on the back are wide and large enough to roll you through bumps without much effort, and the wheels are made of a hard material which makes it suitable for all kinds of surfaces, I used this knee scooter from my hardwood floors to the concrete roads, and never had an issue!

Crutches always limited my mobility and made me feel like I’m missing out so much, it was so much pain. But, after I got the Roscoe Knee Scooter, everything changed, I could go anywhere I want and I could use this knee scooter for hours without feeling any pain.

The handle makes maneuvering extremely easy and this knee scooter rolls for a great distance with little effort, which is a lifesaver! It increases your mobility significantly, and your injured ankle doesn’t really bother you while using this product. The knee pad’s cushion is made with great quality material, however, some people prefer to buy a cover over it, but it works just fine without it.
So, the bottom line is that this scooter does its job, pretty well. At this price, I bet that you cannot find any product of a great quality. Also, be careful while you’re turning around corners using this product, the only downside of this product is that it has a high turning radius, however, this can be fixed at your local bike shop real quick! If you’re wondering if you should get a knee scooter, yes, you should totally get one and if your budget is anything below 200 USD, this is the best product you could get on the Internet!

I’ve listed some of the reviews of other people who bought this product, please write to me if you would like to get your review added to the list too.

Review 1:

Name: Susan H. Athey
Location: Saint Paul, MN 55102
“I destroyed my ankle when I was snowboarding a few months ago, and the people at the hospital gave me crutches. It was quite uncomfortable for me to carry them around, and they always slowed me down a lot. So, I figured I should buy an alternative to them that will help me go around faster and safer, which brought me to this website. I read the review and found it very intriguing, I compared with the other bestselling products and finally figured out that this the best one, and I ordered it on and got it delivered in 4 days. The installation was very easy, I could assemble it myself in an hour. I have been using this knee scooter for 4 months and I faced no issue. I’m sure this will last even longer, but I’m almost recovered from my injury. So, yes, I’d totally recommend this product to anybody wants to get a better alternative to crutches!”

Review 2:

Name: Patricia Womack
Location: Coral Springs, FL 33065
“Hello, I’m Patricia Womack. I live in Coral Springs, and I’ve been using the Roscoe Knee Scooter for about 2 months now. I fell down the stairs a couple months ago and had a severe injury, the doctor wanted me to use crutches, but I couldn’t even use for 30 minutes straight. I ordered the Roscoe Knee Scooter on Amazon and got it delivered in a few days, I looked everywhere to see if I could find any cheaper alternative, but quality comes at its price and this is the best quality product I could find in this price range. The colour of this product was very shiny and didn’t really fade out even after months of usage under broad daylight. I thought it would be very embarrassing for me to use this in public places, but, on the contrary, it was quite eye-catching. Although this product has a solid build quality, it can be easily lifted with a single hand, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that.  I got the handle fixed at the local bike store and I could turn around corners just fine, however, I’d recommend you to go slow while turning around corners. The parking break was quite effective and was very easy to use, the parking break or parking lock can be activated by pushing the break down towards the handle until the parking lock is engaged. So, I’d say this is the best product anybody could get at this price, and I’m pretty sure it can be used for at least 6 months to a year. The knee scooter can be easily folded and placed in your backseat, however the basket has to be detached for that. It definitely improved my mobility and safety after I met with that accident and I’m quite sure others will find this knee scooter helpful as well.”